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i seriously applaud this guy 

what is really sad is that no other student has the fucking guts to back him up


dude should teach the class himself tbh

Everyone should know that right before this video was taken, he raised his hand and asked the teacher to clarify something because he didn’t understand the material. She told him to “quit bitching” in response.

Can somebody show this to their headteacher please? I don’t think she should be getting that paycheck

this guy should actually  teach teachers how to fucking TEACH!

And he was really respective in the end when you think about it.

He could have been cursing and yelling and shit but he didn’t.

I can’t get over his long flowing beautiful blond hair. 

Somebody write a book about this guy

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July 25, 2014

I’m going to turn on anon so I can take questions about those posts, but I highly recommend that you read all of the linked material before asking me anything.

If you don’t bother, I probably won’t bother answering your question.

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July 25, 2014
About Andy’s mental illness

From what I can tell - and please keep in mind that this is based on what he has said about himself, and that this is a very general timeline  - this is the timeline of Andy’s major psychotic symptoms. (By the way, I haven’t yet asked Andy about this, and I welcome corrections and input from people in the know.)

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July 25, 2014

I am seriously just looking for one old post on Delwyn’s blog to link to but I keep getting sidetracked by how dumb his blog is

July 25, 2014
Where Did The Rum Go?






I’m gonna get back to that computer history nonsense, but in the meantime, it seems to me that Andy is trying to get away with something much more important.

I mean, he posted this while we were busy telling Cfc off for rewriting computer history. Let me quote the whole thing:



You know, just wondering…

One defender goes quiet, another pipes up. 


Additional question to my original post: we know Andy’s not after money, so I wonder what this is about?

Distasteful as it is to try and put myself in Andy’s shoes, if I was him I’d want to reduce speculation about whether there really is an ‘opportunity’ or whether Rhys is running scared.

He doesn’t need to: the only way for us to get the answer to that question would be to ask Rhys directly, and he knows we won’t do that =_=

Why not?

July 25, 2014

Anonymous said: so i've been reading a bunch of posts where you and others deconstruct Andy's claims about his "mental illnesses", and now i'm curious about something: do you think Andy ever actually believed his multiverse/magical channeling fantasy at all, or was it just a tool he used to ensnare people?


do you think Andy ever actually believed his multiverse/magical channeling fantasy at all


or was it just a tool he used to ensnare people?


If I thought that Andy, at any point, had come even close to believing any of these things he’s said, then I wouldn’t treat him like I do. It’s because I’m 100% sure that he’s always deliberately lied, AND that he’s always been perfectly aware that he was lying, that I act the way I do where he’s concerned.

How can anyone be 100% sure of this? How can you be 100% sure about what someone else believes?

July 25, 2014

agentsex said: Your artwork has really improved in the past couple of years. I think not being crazy agrees with you.





In all the ways.

Understanding of how mental illnesses work: zero.

Respect and sensitivity towards mentally ill people: nil.

On both their parts.

Hypocrisy and double standard: two for two Delwyn.


Joking to a victim about becoming your victim. Classy.

1. Stop derailing. Whether I’m a hypocrite or not has zero impact on the fact that Andy and Agentsex said horrible things up there about mental illnesses and people who have them.

2. I’m also a victim of cult brainwashing. Are you telling me I’m not allowed to make jokes about what I’ve been through?

Stop derailing

LOL you first

July 25, 2014

agentsex said: Your artwork has really improved in the past couple of years. I think not being crazy agrees with you.




In all the ways.

I didn’t even know I was schizophrenic until I was older (as in, old enough to realize my meds were not ‘for depression’, thank you to the Abnormal Psychology class in college).  Even though my parents weren’t in denial and they got me into therapy very quickly when they realized I was hearing voices, my mother couldn’t bring herself to tell me what it actually was.  It was a taboo subject.  We did not discuss why I was taking those pills with anyone.

I was told the medication was to help my obvious depression. And I sure felt depressed, so that made sense.  When I asked about the voices and things, I was told ‘Well they think you’re slightly psychotic and the meds will help with that too’.  Slightly psychotic.  Fucking really?  I was furious with my mother when I found out, and no one told me.  

For the record, thioridazine is not what they prescribe when you’re depressed and nothing else. Especially not at the dose I was taking.  But I did feel less depressed on it, I stopped hearing voices, and eventually the delusions stopped and found that life was doable after about a year of taking the meds and going to therapy twice a week.   

It was still nothing like before my brain broke, though. Nothing.  And even if today I’m not on meds, I still hear voices and auditory hallucinations.  I still have cognitive difficulties that affect me.  I could go on about what they are but I think I’ve given out enough info that Andy could use to change his narrative later.  Plus, capn-mactastic and @delwynmarch are familiar with such things and probably already have an idea of what I have to deal with.

The thing is, I don’t claim I have severe paranoid schizophrenia.  I am on the lower end of the spectrum (as is noted by my therapist and psychiatrist) with more ‘disorganized’ thought processes.  Andy is claiming to have symptoms that put him on the higher end of the spectrum.  (Because must be big and dramatic!) And he has clearly not done his research to know that people who’re that severe are usually not able to function the way he does.   He’s way too organized (and if he thinks fudging dates is somehow proof of the severity, I’ma be over here loling) and calculating.

And don’t give me that shtick about ‘well everyone’s mental illness is different!’.  Just. Fucking. Stop. That.  We’re not all that different, and when you have SEVERE schizophrenia, the differences get mighty damn small.

(Bolding mine)

Reblogged for some more Contrast and Compare. Here’s someone who has been schizophrenic since they were a kid (like Andy pretends to be), and who was treated extremely early on (unlike Andy), and who yet never magically bounced back to a “mostly normal exciting life with a few negligeable drawbacks” like Andy seems to have (no, really, washing 10 times in 8 weeks is not even close in scale to the kind of difficulties we’re talking about here).

That’s because schizophrenia is one of those types of crazy that don’t go away. Once you have it, you have it for life, and it’s going to impact your life forever in some ways or others. So either Andy is still just as crazy as he was before, just better regulated, or he never was crazy in the first place. But if we’re talking schizophrenia, then he can’t have been crazy a few years ago, and “not be crazy” anymore today. Schizophrenia doesn’t work that way.

What on earth are you even talking about? Andy is taking antipsychotic medication, according to him and people who know him IRL; antipsychotic medication stops psychotic symptoms. That is indeed how it can work. That is what captain-ameribun said

(Incidentally, psychotic symptoms like hearing voices can be part of depression; major depressive disorder with psychotic features is the diagnostic term, I think. It’s not the same as schizophrenia. And antipsychotics like thioridazine are indeed used to treat unipolar depression, especially very severe cases. I’m sure that the original poster is right about their own history, but I just thought I’d point out that it’s not always so.)

July 25, 2014
The Recruiting of Agentsex by Andy Blake



One problem I constantly run into when discussing Andy Blake, is that most people don’t understand the sheer SCALE of manipulation we’re actually dealing with. Andy Blake is not just a manipulator; he’s a Master Manipulator.

So, well, since Agentsex so obligingly provided us with a case study, I figured I’d give people a taste of it.

Please note that I’m not saying that my speculations ARE what happened. Of course not: unlike some people, I’ve never claimed to know what other people are thinking.

I’m just giving an idea of what this interview looks like from the point of view of someone who was manipulated by such a Master Manipulator for years. You people don’t have to accept it - but I challenge you to find a better explanation to everything that happens around Andy.

A quick reminder of the setting: Agentsex has offered to interview Andy by phone. She has her computer turned on and available.

Let’s start.

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Such an amazing breakdown of this “interview”.  It hit on so many points that bugged me when I read the transcript.  Reading this was light lightbulbs going on over my head - “Yes, that’s why that didn’t sit right with me!”  And also, “I didn’t even notice that.”  Brilliant, Del.

This breakdown should be a huge warning to anyone—including Agentsex—who even considers interacting with Andy Blake.

I would like to state that while I do not know what Andy was thinking during the interview, I do know what thought, knew and intended, and this “amazing breakdown” doesn’t even come close to the truth. In fact, some of his assumptions are quite bizarre, particularly the notion that me asking a question means that I didn’t know about the subject already.

I also would like to point out that the audio recording is edited; it is not a complete representation of all of our conversation. I cut out nearly 20 minutes of discussion from the beginning of the recording, and that was not the beginning of our conversation (for one thing, I asked for his permission before I began recording). Any analysis that assumes otherwise is working off a false premise.

July 25, 2014

probably caused by alcohol/screwing up meds

July 25, 2014

messed up dreams about the apocalypse

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