March 22, 2012
Misha’s wife is not a hero


Saw someone on my dash calling Misha’s wife a hero because she wrote a threesome book. I get that all the Misha fangirls will worship anyone that Misha is with but I find it ridiculous that this is what young women are idolizing today.

Misha’s wife writing about her extramarital affairs with countless women and telling the world that she likes to have sex with women hardly make her a hero. But I guess adultery and fornication are hip today.

You would think that someone with a phd could do something better with their life but what is she doing with her intelligence that benefits the world? Anything philanthropic? No, she’s writing a book about her lesbian escapades.  She’s basically like a prostitute, shamelessly capitalizing on sexual life to make a quick buck. I put her on the same level as Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson although I don’t think too many people would call them heroes. But maybe if Misha sleeps with them then we can call them heroes.

As for Misha, he brazenly hints at being intimate with strippers and prostitutes, all while being married and having a child. And people think this is cool? He’s breaking societal norms, you all say. Give me a break! The guy is a hedonistic pervert who objectifies women.

But let’s give Misha an award because he puts on women’s clothing—how noble and brave! I didn’t realize how suppressed people were that the second someone behaves outside the norm they are revered and treated like the second coming. Because that is exactly what is happening here. Misha is weird so lets worship him.

And before someone brings up Misha’s charity, going to Haiti once a year and having his brainless minions basically run his random acts foundation hardly make him a great philanthropic saint!

From what I have seen on Twitter, Misha spends more time on himself and his self-serving agenda than on his charities. Most of his tweets that aren’t navel gazing focus on completely pointless things like his scavenger hunt and milking that to no end with calendars and other merchandise.

Fans weakly claim the proceeds  went to charity but there was never any official word on that and the project made close to $100,000 last I heard. But you all continue to fill Misha’s pocket with your hard earned money. You’re all as naive as those who gave to the “Kony 2012” invisible children charity and funny how that climaxed with the founder running around stoned and masturbating in public.

I’ll end this by saying that neither Misha or his wife are heroes and that people that are actually out there making the world better for others (not for themselves) are the true heroes.  I would rather look up to couples like Jared and Gen who are quiet humanitarians who give back but don’t make a big deal out of it. Or Jensen and Danneel who are both hardworking people earning their living by acting and other projects and not out whoring themselves and their private lives for money.

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    I’ve always believed that someone is entitled to their own beliefs, but you’re letting your own sexual bias cloud your...
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    “You are by far the most annoying hypocrite I’ve ever been forced to share a planet with.” Is my new favourite insult.
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    I’m not saying that anyone is or is not a hero, but when did race start determining heroism?
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