April 19, 2012
Karla, shirtless Misha

I know some people are thinking, “I heard Karla is awful and that Misha said not to watch it. But on the other hand, I heard he’s nekkid in a lot of scenes.” And so I thought, as someone who has unfortunately seen Karla (consider it taking one for the team) I might post some screencaps of Misha nekkid so you wouldn’t have to actually watch the movie in order to see him sans clothing. Capiche?

Honestly, you can’t really see any more than in that E.R. appearance of his, but you can see a wee bit more. Of the assbutt area.

These are from Misha-Collins.net/gallery because there’s no way I’m watching Karla again and making my own screencaps.

I’m putting these behind a cut because I am warning you first: the only way you might possibly find these hot is if you haven’t seen Karla. If you look at these and then watch Karla, it will actually ruin these for you in retrospect.

If you have seen Karla and you were disturbed by it, there’s a good chance these screencaps will bring back bad memories for you. Frankly, they made me feel a little sick. However, they’re only triggering if you know the context in which they appear in the film.

and here’s the only screencap of him from Karla that I actually like:

  1. spookythell said: Bless you sir
  2. itwasyummy said: Thanks for taking one for the team. *salutes* I haven’t even watched the damn movie and I can’t find these hot. Sigh.
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