May 8, 2012
Sorry guys but i did watch Karla


and it’s not that disturbing at all.

Ok, the rape scenes are not exactly comfortable, but they are not THAT bad like people say. The rape scene on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is by far worse than the whole Karla movie together and I don’t see people complaining.

There’s a lot of famous movies that are so freaking disturbing and people recommend them… I just don’t get it.

Anyway, it is actually quite interesting, you know. I’m still wondering if Karla killed those girls.

The content isn’t that disturbing, the story behind the movie is. 

Also, Karla Homolka may not have done the actual killing but she was just as culpable as Paul Bernardo in the raping and murders. She’s a psychopath. She just got luckier than Paul at the trials.

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    Yes, I read about the real story and how the movie makes Karla look like she’s a victim and how most people (including...
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    The content isn’t that disturbing, the story behind the movie is. Also, Karla Homolka may not have done the actual...
  3. robotunicorncastiel said: ugh you just gave me one more reason to be afraid of watching Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (I haven’t watched either of these films because I’m not into violent scenes)