May 9, 2012
I just want to know… Why is Karla a “bad film” ?


I’ve seen people talking about it, and telling others not to watch it, but never why.

WHY is it a bad film? Is it bad acting (which I highly doubt)? Is it disturbing themes? What is it that makes it a BAD FILM.

Is it watching it knowing it put Misha through emotional turmoil? — I know that’s the main reason I don’t want to watch it in the first place…

I’m not planning on watching; 1. Because Misha requested so, and I’m happy to take his word for it, and 2. Because there’s no actual way of me getting ahold of the film.

But I’d like to know… Not what I’m missing out on, per se, but why it’s classed as such a terrible film.

I’ve watched “disturbing” films before, I’m sure others have, but this seems to be so much MORE according to people…

It’s … just terrible. In every sense of the word. Artistically, morally, technically - yeah.

It’s terribly written and nothing makes sense, even though everything is taken straight from court transcripts and must have taken like zero creativity to write. For example, there’s the scene where Paul admits to Karla that he’s the infamous Scarborough rapist:

Karla: Where have you been?! I thought you were out jogging!
Paul: I just raped a girl and took her jacket! Now I’m gonna burn it!
Karla: Oh okay.

And … seriously, that’s her reaction. She’s totally blase about it and sort of starts hugging him with a blank look on her face while he tries to burn a windbreaker in a gas fireplace. And if it was fiction, I could laugh at that because it’s so stupid it could be funny. But that really happened, and it wasn’t funny at all, it was horrible.

I mean, what are we supposed to take from that? We never learn why Paul or Karla did anything. We don’t gain any insight into their motivations. The whole thing is pointless and nihilistic, and the scenes where Paul is videotaping his victims are so disturbing that I don’t want to talk about them ever.

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    It definitely disturbing. Mostly because it’s based on real events that happened not that long ago. It’s kind of like...
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    It’s … just terrible. In every sense of the word. Artistically, morally, technically - yeah. It’s terribly written and...
  3. misha-collins said: Because the overall quality of it is shit and it’s based on a real event that is still very fresh to the families and the area involved.
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