June 3, 2012

lacabra replied to your post: Still, I’m very excited  I’m eating a neolithic…

Wait, is this you first time eating lentils?! Or are you trying a special kind of preparation? I’m confuzzled. (also lentils are tasty as fuck)

yes, this is my first time eating lentils.

I went through a period where I would refuse to eat beans. And lentils taste like beans, kind of.

  1. ethemera said: I remember having an hour long phone call with you about your refusal to eat lentils when I was driving to Tennessee from Louisiana after Hurricane Gustav.
  2. lacabra said: Ah, okay. If you’re not into beans than lentils wouldn’t be so great either I guess. How did you prepare them? Indian? German? USian? (lol, not that I have any idea about cooking)
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