July 29, 2012

Misha at his first convention

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July 29, 2012

Misha gingerly worked his way over to our table, and we could tell he was in some pain. We all asked how he was. “Terrible, how are you?” Of course he was joking, but in a way he really meant it.

Why are you terrible?

MC: Well, I’ve been in the hospital. I crashed on my bicycle going about 55 mph.

(Something about it being stupid muttered in the background).

MC: You’re right, thank you, I haven’t gotten that reaction yet. “You are stupid.”

Were you wearing a helmet?

MC: I was. Still, crashing going 55 mph is stupid, in my opinion.

Only if you did it on purpose.

MC: No, I didn’t do it on purpose.

Are you a little banged up?

MC: I’m a little banged up. I just tore some muscles and I’m missing a lot of skin. My shirts are sticking to my scabs. Other than that…

So you’re being a method actor since Castiel was basically destroyed at the end of last season.

MC: Exactly, I wanted to know what that felt like.

From Comic Con 2009

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July 29, 2012

Misha: There’s also this strange phenomenon that happens, and it is definitely some sort of normative force, like you said. I don’t know where it comes from, but there’s a certain set of basic rules that as an actor coming into celebrity you almost inherently understand. It’s inherited. You know you’re supposed to interact with your fans in a certain manner, sort of distant, reserved, strong boundaries. But then if you take one step back and analyze it, to what end? What is it that you’re really protecting? I mean, you don’t want people showing up at your house and getting stalked, but there are so many other boundaries that are kind of arbitrary that we all subscribe to automatically without even thinking about it. It’s kind of difficult to articulate, but it’s amazing the expectations that everyone has going into this dynamic of how we’re supposed to behave.

Kathy: On both sides.

Misha: Right. On both sides. Everybody knows that they’re supposed to behave in a certain way. There was never a manual, there was never anyone who dictated that, but this is normative behavior, they’ve been established somehow. It’s funny, I still see myself falling into this – why am I behaving this way? Why am I so reluctant to share any information with people, or whatever. You have to kinda check yourself, wait, why are you doing this? Sometimes it makes sense. I don’t wanna actually have to have an inbox full of a million emails…. But the truth is, the fans are by and large so respectful of those boundaries, that you’re kinda inherently safe. Like all this bullshit of five security guards every time you go to the bathroom – no one is going to do anything to me, no one has ever done anything to me and no one ever will, and yet it’s something that we all go, oh yes, that’s normal.

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July 29, 2012

AfterElton: At what point did you realize that you were developing a pretty big gay following?

Misha Collins: You know, it’s interesting. I’m not actually totally cognitive of the demographic of my fans. I know that there is a phenomenon of slash/fic which I don’t really understand and my understanding is that most of that is written by straight [women] or lesbian women, and all that gender bending that goes on is very mind-boggling. But I know I got some ranking on your website at some point. Yes, I guess that’s how it came to my attention. People posted it on my Twitter feed or something, and I pay attention whenever I receive any kind of accolades. It fans my already overblown ego, so I pay attention to that. But to be honest with you, I don’t have a very good barometer of who is out there. But I’m thrilled to know that I do have a following in the gay community. [laughs] I’m constantly trying to actually figure it out, without actually doing any research, but another thing that has kind of amazed me is how many die-hard Supernatural fans are lesbians too.

AfterElton: And gay men.

Misha Collins: Yeah, yeah. It’s a really, it’s a very cool fandom. It seems like the fandom of Supernatural is very inclusive group, and I think that’s awesome.

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July 29, 2012

YV: How would you like to see your character evolve next season? Where would you like to see him this time next year?

Misha Collins: I don’t know. The White House? President Castiel? I’d like to see him starting to operate according to his own moral compass. To see him stop looking to others for answers. If he stopped taking orders and really struck out on his own more. I think that would be much more interesting for Castiel. And, maybe, I don’t know … maybe he should get, like, a girlfriend or something. Castiel deserves his scene with a girl in back of the Impala.

YV: I’m not sure your fans would like that very much.  Is it shocking to see just how much fans love you and your character?

MC:Yes. I’m totally shocked. I didn’t even know the fan base of “Supernatural” was as avid as they are. I’ve never really been on a show that has such a devoted fan base.  I only sort of peripherally knew of Trekkies … I didn’t really know people could be this enthusiastic about a TV show. So that’s been a shock. And being an object of fan infatuation has also been a shock. It’s been fun and fascinating and a little bit surreal. It hasn’t gotten terribly threatening so until I get a bona fide stalker, I’ll be OK with it.

YV: So you haven’t been accosted?

MC: Well … it depends on how you define “accosted.” But, you know, not violated, I don’t think. There have been a few people, in very serious tones, who have professed their love for me after a 10-second conversation, which, to me, just felt a little hasty.

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July 29, 2012

Misha says that playing this kind of character that hasn’t interacted with humans or been inside of human form for thousands of years also affects the way that Castiel deals with physical confrontation. “Castiel isn’t used to being human and dealing with the reactions that the human body has to pain. He can put his hand on a hot burner and know that the body he is in is feeling the pain, but Castiel is slow to react to it because he has to take time to process it. That’s why he doesn’t always have the best reactions in a physical fight because he is used to battling on a more supernatural level with different powers and perceptions.”

Good excuse, there.

"I’m much better at fist-fights in my true form, I assure you!"

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July 29, 2012

TVFanatic.com: So is the ink dry, are you an official season five series regular?

Misha Collins: It is official. I received a letter in the mail. I think letters always make things official. I’m thrilled to be apart of it for next season. I’m thrilled I got the news early enough so I can find a new apartment in Vancoucer. I’m not going to be a regular in all the episodes like Jared and Jensen, but I’m definitely gonna be in for the season.

TVFanatic.com: What’s it like joining a long running show with such an established fan base?

Misha: It’s been great. I’ve been really surprised that I’ve been as welcomes into as well. I didn’t even know this fan community existed. Some people are nervous about new people joining the show.They’re nervous it’s going to take away from Jared and Jensen’s time. I think it’s absurd. I think the show’s core is always going to be about these two brothers and their relationship. I think my character is going to be there to help that storyline. Some people are so enthusiastic to have me on. it’s been really cool. I thought i was only gonna do a few episodes. It’s been a total surprise for me.

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June 5, 2012
TVGuide.com: And lastly, "In CSI , 24 and Seven Days, your accent was unbelievably believable. How did you manage that?" (T_T)
Collins: When I was in high school, I liked to pretend that I was a Russian foreign exchange student. I would do things like go into a pizza restaurant and tell them I'd never had pizza before, and they'd bring me into the kitchen and show me how to make an American pizza. It's really fun. People relate to you totally differently, and show you a side to themselves that you never see in your regular voice. So I guess the short answer is just "By f--king around."
June 5, 2012

Your character, Castiel, is accused by Anna [Julie McNiven] of not being able to feel real emotion, but he seems to have a real affection for Dean [Jensen Ackles]. How do you work with that sort of dichotomy?

Collins: Yes, how do you explain the homoerotic tension [laughs]? … I think that it’s sort of, by the transitive property, he’s beginning to feel emotion ever so slightly. That’s my answer to the question. By his proximity to Dean, some of Dean’s human properties are beginning to rub off on Castiel. And he’s starting to feel, and I think that he doesn’t really know how to interpret the feelings.

I wondered if something like what happened to the character Anna will happen to Castiel. Do you think it’s possible that this could result in a situation where he would decide not to be an angel anymore (like Anna did) if he gets too close to Dean and his human emotion?

Collins: I have no idea what they’re going to do next year, but since they’ve established that angels can fall and feel emotion and have real human experiences, it stands to reason that they’re at minimum going to flirt with that possibility with Castiel. It seems like it would heighten the dramatic tension nicely. And it would be really fun to play that as an actor, experiencing that for the first time. Feeling emotion.

There’s this great Wim Wenders movie, Wings of Desire, … the Nicolas Cage movie City of Angelswas sort of a remake of that German movie. In Wings of Desire, Bruno Ganz, who is the actor in that film, he’s an angel who falls and then begins to feel human emotion and goes through a transformation. And watching him go through that transformation is so cool, and playing that myself is an exciting prospect, so I hope they go in that direction. That would be really fun.

Bruno Ganz’s angel character fell because he fell in love with a human, by the way.

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June 5, 2012

so his hair just looks really good

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June 3, 2012

I started out by asking [Misha Collins] if he’d visited University of Chicago, his alma mater, while he was in town. He said he had and we discussed the fact that it was unseasonably warm for a November weekend. Misha then recalled a day about a dozen years ago when he was an undergrad at U. of C and he and his roommates called news camera crews to record then running around… not wearing much. 

MISHA COLLINS: It was the coldest day on records we decided it’d be a good idea to call camera crews. We ran around the campus naked and a lot of camera crews showed up.

MR: So if I hunted around for that footage, it exists?

MISHA COLLINS: It does exist. So if you hunted around maybe somewhere there’s footage of me running around in my underwear on the coldest day on record. 

MR: So how much would you pay me not to post this footage, if I find it? 

MISHA COLLINS: Oh, I just gave you blackmail material. Not thinking on my feet here! 

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